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“The goddess Maui was fishing. He made a fishhook and he pulled the islands up from the sea. And he also captured the sun off of Haleakala to slow the sun down because the days went by to fast. So the goddess Maui, the myth is, that he rose the islands from the sea, with his canoe and fishhook.”
Archie Kalepa – Hawaiian Waterman
Archie Kalepa - Hawaiian Waterman:
“Hawaiians are known for being good waterman, and I’m just really proud to represented the Hawaiian culture, represent the people of Hawaii, and be proud of what I do.”
Greg Friel - Paniolo:
”From a young age my interest was all on to be a cowboy."
Peter Baldwin - Rancher:
“There were cowboys in Hawaii before there were cowboys in Texas.”
Matt K. Kinoshita – Surfer, Firefighter:
“My whole company specializes in taking kids that are nobodys and turning them into superstars.”
Ahanu Tson-Dru – Jaws Surfer:
“Matt Kinoshita told me, you know, shit you really shoudn’t be like smoking and drinking you should be just surfing, it’s way better.”
Robby Naish – Windsurf Legend:
“You grow up with aspirations of becoming a surfer or a windsurfer now.”
Buzzy Kerbox – Tow-in surfing Pioneer:
“You know in the beginning a lot of the guys that were tow-in surfing, here on Maui were windsurfers.”
Donald Santos – Sugar Plantation Worker:
“I live on Maui, for, all my life. ... My grandfather used to take care for water for HC&S and Wailuku sugar he was inside of the water from the mountain coming down.”
Leonard Pagan – Sugar Irrigation Worker:
“HC&S is the largest sugar company existing in Hawaii now.”
Jimmy Lewis – Board Shaper:
“The board I’m making Ahanu right now, it’s shaped for the maximum big waves he’s gonna right. Not for Spreckelsville or anything, it’s a Jaws board.”
Lukela Keala – Hawaiian Musician:
“This song is dedicated to all the surfers. Where ever you are.”
Matt Kazuma Kinoshita - Shortboarder:
"All I ever wanted to do is surf."
Archie Kalepa – Jaws Waterman:
"Jaws is definitly life and death"
Buzzy Kerbox – Jaws Legend:
"20 years ago, another Superbowl Swell arrives"
Ahanu Tson-Dru – Jaws Surfer:
"Surf the wave like it’s, not like it’s a 25 footer."
Robby Naish – Jaws Windsurfer:
“You really feel like you did something, you know. Especially if it only happens only once or twice a year, you know, you gonna remember that for a while.”
Archie Kalepa - Hawaiian Waterman:
“I love watching mother nature in the greatest form, I mean I just love being out there. ... Your scared but you know, you can’t hold back. Man you’re putting all your marbles down on the table and you just, your going.”